by Eddie A. Tanaka Jr | Mystical Molokai


Do you wish to be in complete balance? Deeply rooted in living here and now, full of joy and love for life? Fit and healthy, in physical strength? Full of curiosity and courage for the next adventure? Simply “in the flow”? We can transform this growth together into your new reality. I am happy to coach you with the following tools from my “treasure chest” from the depths of the ocean to guide you back to your source:


  • Stand Up Paddling (SUP) – balance & flow

    On the board you will learn how to bring yourself into balance and paddle / move in life from your strong center. Move your body with a gentle all-round training, so that you can feel totally confident and relaxed coming out of the water.


  • Crystal Healing –  crystalline purity & clarity

    The crystals bring you into peace, in contact with your core, your potential. Purify yourself and solve physical, emotional and mental blocks, so you can break away from the stress or disempowering relations and pave the way for a life of ease, joy and love.


  • Trance Healing – support & inspiration

    Submerge and get deep healing on the emotional, mental or physical level by the inspiring connection with the source. Bright, full of confidence and love, you can now renew and align your life.


  • Ceremonies –  gratitude & joy

    In a ceremony, we celebrate important milestones in your life, or let go of the emotional baggage, so you can go to the next steps full of gratitude, strength, courage and inner joy.

«Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.»