Power of the crystals




Crystals help the cells to refocus on our source, our very essence. They dissolve blockages or bring them into your consciousness, so that you can take the necessary steps to dissolve them.
Depending on your process they bring you directly into harmony or a short period of chaos in order to clarify unresolved situations in your life and to bring clarity so you get into your flow fully again.



In a crystal healing I first balance the energy of your chakras (energy centers) manually. Then I put crystals on the chakras and connect the crystals with a so-called generator crystal. After a short period I remove the crystals and then build with crystals geometric fields. Afterwards you can easily rest again, composed of crystals and feel what your body, your soul want to tell you.


Crystal Water

What have crystals to do with water? Water is composed of thousands of tiny water crystals. These crystals can store and share information. Because our bodies are 70% water, crystals are perfect, respectively the water crystals to move the water in us and to bring everything back into harmony.



  • CHF 150.- for a treatment (approximately 1.5 hours)
  • The therapy described does not replace the doctor, but sees itself as a complement to conventional medicine. Neither promises nor healing diagnoses are provided.







«Every human being is a creative crystal of inspiration! Our task is to promote untapped talents in the people. To support them, to believe in their creative energy they have brought as a soul with the world again. To assist them to feel the joy to make something innovative.»

Muhammad Yunus, Wirtschaftswissenschaftler