Life comes from the water, the sea. In the oceans of the prehistoric times from small organic molecules were formed into the complex compounds, which eventually emerged from living organisms. Life has never been away from the water, because all vital processes in cells take place in an aqueous solution. Our bodies are about 70% water. Our earth is covered with 71% of water. In amniotic fluid, we are maturing. We are all a tiny drop in the vast ocean, connected to all that is. The water is the primary source of life.



Being in flow means learning to go with the waves of life, not to fight against. One with the waves we are, if we allow changes and do not want to hold back anyone or anything. It behaves exactly like sand in our hands: the more we want to hold it and put pressure on it, the more it runs through our fingers. The freer we hold it and keep with care and love, the more likely it will stay with us.


Where does your energy go without effort, where does it want to let off steam? Where do you feel relaxed and full of inspiration? Follow this river and become the river itself. In order for the waves to know where to take you, it is important that you have a clear goal, focus or intention and take the necessary decisions. Energy flows where focus goes.




Aloha comes from Hawaii and is much more than a greeting. Aloha originates from alo (presence) and ha (breath) and means presence of the breath of life. Aloha is lifestyle that bases on mutual respect and love. At the beginning it is key to love oneself, exactly as we are and embrace us exactly the way we are in this very moment. Hence the love and respect for all beings and a deep inner peace result. Aloha includes the love to all that is – aloha e ke kahi, e ke kahi – unconditional love. To reconnect with this source of abundance is the objective of each person. But each one goes its own and maybe not to all comprehensible way. This path teaches us to love, forgive (in the deep consciousness that we attracted the painful situations to learn to love deeper) in order to reconnect to the well of greatest power – love.



The name Valoha consists of my name (Valérie, usually abbreviated as “Val”) and Aloha. To me it is the perfect name for the essence of my job: reconnect us humans with the love and respect for ourselves and all beings on this planet and thus permit a life of joy and lightness.

You might wonder why in addition to the healing techniques at Valoha also Stand Up Paddling is offered and how it fits together? This has a simple reason: in the spiritual development it is very important to integrate the body, because the transformation takes place through the body, not away from it. Blockages usually manifest not only on your emotional or mental level but also on the physical. Body, mind and soul form a unit. Also during exercising healing processes are set in motion. When we paddle the element of water brings us in a meditative flow and we are quickly in contact with our emotions (e.g. anxiety). This helps us to recognize them and thus very effectively dissolve them. The fun factor during sports, the ease and presence in the now is also a wonderful if not the best therapy.





«You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to ride them.»

Joseph Goldstein