Ceremonies – Source of strenghts 

In all indigenous cultures ceremonies are an important part of everyday life. They give strength and courage to take the next steps. Ceremonies are celebrating life in all its beauty and help us let go of old ballast, provide us with full power to accept challenges, and to connect us back to our source and thus to the great ocean. I offer 3 different types of ceremonies:


Personal Water Ceremony

Is there is a farewell? Are you in a process of transformation? Do you want to let go the old ballast and patterns in gratitude? Consciously want to welcome the new life? Together, we will first discuss the topic (by phone or in a meeting). After that you will find something that you can hand over to the lake in a deep feeling of love & gratitude. In a ceremony held in or on the lake you’ll pass it to the water. If it is important for you, we will also make a physical cleaning in the lake.


Medicine Wheel

Natural life runs in cycles. The circle has no beginning and no end. We are all subject to the cycles of nature (like the seasons), the bloodstream, the menstrual cycle of women. The cycle of life is concentrated in the medicine wheel. The Medicine Wheel helps us to come back to the center and thus to come to our balance.

Together we build with stones, crystals, cards, plants and more a powerful medicine wheel in your house, integrate all elements (such as water) and connect you again with your source full aloha and inspiration.



Ceremony for Mother Earth

Would you like to support Mother Earth in her healing process? Want to express your gratitude for Mother Earth that nourishes us continually? Together we make a ceremony. More information is available upon request.



  • Ceremonies for mother earth are free, money should not hinder us from this important task.
  • Personal Water Ceremonies / medicine wheel the price is 80.- CHF / hour.







«When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.»

Mahatma Gandhi